Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are Growing!

I think we are at a total of 11 members now, yay! Hopefully we continue to grow ^___^

It looks like the only way we can officially have etsy in our name in the team listing is to have a team tag that everyone uses in their listings. If we were going to do this... you will only need to list it in your next new items. Just let me know if you guys want to do that, so we can officially be EGAT.

Also to note... right now I am having a sale that ends on mother's day... 25% off of all items in my shop. For members of EGAT, after the 25% off, members get an additional 10% off their item(s) ^_^. Happy Shopping!


  1. I'm all for it :)
    Would we be tagging egat related items, or anything we list?

  2. Wanted to pop in and say Hi. I need to be more active...trying to find the time for everything but I am still on board!!

  3. silly question is it
    team egat
    or just egat
    thanks :D

  4. it would have to have the work team in it. Either it would be EGAT Team or EGA Team or something.

    It would be used on anything we list in our shops, not just egat related items.

    Hiya Monkey ^___^ it's all good. hehe

  5. They usually say spacing the team away from the rest of the tag helps in searches. Like if someone just searched EGA it will still find EGA Team. Now if you search EGA and our tag is EGAteam, you won't find the tag.